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➜ Browse our collection of Kimono Jacket & Haori, the traditional to streetwear Japanese attire for a smooth and elegant cultural style.

Japanese Haori, from traditional to streetwear

Adding one of our Japanese style cardigan kimonos to your wardrobe is the perfect way to inject a casual, ethnic-inspired look that's perfect for attracting attention for all the right reasons.

The kimono cardigan also called haori is suitable for both men and women. It is a short kimono style that can be worn as a jacket or shirt. It is one of the essential outfits to have in your wardrobe in 2022, especially because it is worn for all occasions.

The kimono cardigan is perfectly the garment halfway between streetwear and traditional in the world of ready-to-wear. This short Japanese garment is very regularly printed with typical Japanese patterns or traditional artistic representations.

Its short sleeves fall down on the sides to hide the cuffs as a traditional kimono could do, worn with an Obi belt. In the Japanese culture, the traditional Japanese kimono is worn on special occasions such as the tea ceremony or for weddings, festivals and fireworks!

The Japanese jacket for men & women

As written above, the Japanese kimono with a pure streetwear style can be worn as well on a woman as on a man, it is the only type of kimono that can be totally unisex. Generally, it is chosen for a man or a woman according to the colors, the symbols and the impression that there can be on it but it remains nevertheless cut in the same way and wearable by whoever wants it, the kimono jacket is regularly worn during the summer period or for traditional festivals!

Small summary: The kimono cardigan woman is worn with pastel colors often with a touch of pink, purple or white and Japanese symbols representing the woman in the Japanese culture such as the famous koi carp to name one example.

You will not want to part with the light and loose fabric of the women's kimono jacket, whether it is in polyester, cotton, satin or silk, it remains one of the most pleasant pieces to wear in the summer. To reflect the summer colors you will have to turn to the flowery kimono and avoid a kimono of dark color.

The kimono cardigan man will be worn more with dark colors such as black, gray, blue with more traditional patterns of Japanese culture such as wolves, Onis or a Maneki-Neko which is very unisex in Japanese fashion! As you may know, the haori is a variant of the Japanese style kimono.

Ideal to wear during summer, it will bring you a casual style without keeping you warm thanks to its polyester or cotton design. Adopt a new style, finish it with a nice pair of sneakers and chino shorts, you will have the Japanese streetwear style you were dreaming of!

A haori or a kimono cardigan?

Let's talk about the derivatives of the kimono cardigan with at first the haori, giving a short kimono jacket very soft to wear in the warm seasons and easy to combine with a sweater or other during the cooler periods. Its material is very light, often in cotton or satin it does not give any rigidity on the skin. It is in some ways the "soft" kimono of Japan, ideal for the initiation!

Secondly, the yukata, is usually worn for special occasions but remains in the family of the cardigan, however it could be ideal to finalize your summer look, with this jacket for men slightly wide and oversized to have an optimal freedom of movement. It will give a sportswear side to the Japanese spirit while maintaining a casual look.

Ideal to mix with Slim or chino pants or jean shorts for a Japanese urban style, you can add a pair of sneakers for a perfect Japanese streetwear look. Opt for a Japanese kimono cardigan a little longer but just as comfortable for a more elegant and trendy outfit!

If you want a warmer, urban and movement free outfit we have a very large collection of Japanese Hanten in a purely Asian spirit with embroidered and typical Japanese patterns.

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