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What do you really know about the traditional Japanese sleepwear, the Jinbei?

Jinbei, sometimes called "Hippari", is a traditional Japanese garment originally worn by men, but nowadays also worn by women. Originally considered as a home garment, Jinbei is extremely light and airy and has become very popular due to the very hot and humid summers in Japan. Jinbei is also very popular during cultural festivities such as "Matsuri" (Japanese festival) and Hanabi (fireworks). Usually made of linen and/or cotton, it consists of short shorts tied with a drawstring and a short-sleeved jacket whose sleeves are often tied to the body with simple drawstrings for optimal ventilation of the garment. Although there are many versions, Jinbei is often colorful and visible from a distance, as one would expect from a festive garment.

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