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The Japanese culture can be complex in its strict rules and structured instructions. But it can also be simple in its finesse and harmonious beauty. In these points, the kimono is well representative of this Japanese culture. Indeed, it is a complex garment that is worn with so much elegance that it looks so beautiful and simple. And always in the image of the Japanese people and traditions, the kimono has evolved and adapted to be still widely used today. And this, in Japan as everywhere else in the world. Let's discover the fascinating history of the kimono since its appearance, until today. And above all, why and how it can find an exceptional place in your wardrobe.


Originally, these women's clothes were called kosode. It was in the 7th century, when Japan was strongly influenced by its eastern neighbor China. At that time, clothes were still used to distinguish social classes. And this narrow-sleeved garment, different from the osode, a short-sleeved garment, was the favorite of the nobility and the ruling classes.

In its early days, the kosode was used more as an undergarment and accompanied the dress, skirt or pants.

The Chinese style was gradually abandoned from the Heian period and the Japanese style took over. The garment is then revisited to take its simple, harmonious and elegant form that we know until today.

It is only in the 13th century that the name of kimono is given to the garment which literally means "thing that one carries on oneself".

The kimono was worn in everyday life with the left flap over the right one. The opposite flap was reserved for the deceased who were being prepared for their funerals. For the girls to be married, the sleeve is lengthened until it reaches the ground.


Today, the kimono has moved away from being an undergarment to become a garment in its own right. Especially when it comes to women's kimono. Indeed, the styles have widely diversified over the years.

The basic framework has remained the same: typical Japanese attire with its inseparable lot: stylish, simple, beautiful and harmonious. The shape of the garment is also almost always retained.

What makes the difference:

  • The fabric: cotton, linen, self, cotton, satin, but also polyester.
  • The colors and patterns: the technology of printing has allowed to dress the fabrics in many ways. However, the tone has remained the colorful flowery printed pattern for these models of kimono for women.
  • Decoration: a little fancy lace for an extra touch of glamour for nightgowns.
  • Cuts: you will find everything, according to your tastes and your desires:
  • Décolleté,
  • Very short, short, long or very long,
  • Flowing, flounced, flared or fluid,
  • All sizes are available to fit all body types, from the smallest to the largest sizes.
  • The style: naturally, the style will not be the same depending on the use you plan: bathrobe, tunic, robe, nightie or sexy nightgown, fine lingerie, classic pajamas, city wear or formal wear.
  • Price: Kimono is generally a luxury product. The traditional women's models can be very expensive. Some Japanese stores even offer to rent their clothes so that people can wear them for the most special occasions. The purchase price is so high. Fortunately, the more fancy modern versions are much more affordable.


The kimono is a garment inspired by the style of the Tang Dynasty of China. It is recognized by its T shape and straight. It starts with a collar at the neck and ends at the ankles. It has long and wide sleeves at the wrists (reaching half a meter). The dress is wrapped around the body and tied with an obi, a wide belt tied at the back. For women, the kimono is one size fits all. It is then necessary to adjust it by playing on the folds. For men, it can be made to measure.

The kimono is formed by a few pieces of unstitched fabric. The pieces are washed and folded separately and assembled by a few stitches once mounted.


The kimono is, by far, the most famous Japanese garment outside the territory and beyond their borders.

  • It is the perfect outfit to answer the invitation of your friends from the country of the rising sun. First of all it is very elegant and chic, and you will show your friendship and consideration.
  • You can also proudly wear your female kimono to embody a Japanese empress during cosplay events. A few extra accessories like a pair of zori, a kinchaku and a fan in your hand and you are ready to light up the party!
  • The women's silk kimono has become a very popular robe in Europe. Its light fabric, comfortable cut, glamorous design and warm colors have made it the number one sexy pajama. It is therefore perfect to walk comfortably around the house, or to ignite the nights of love, or simply to highlight its femininity.
  • It's also a great gift idea for any woman, but especially for those who have publicly mentioned their interest in Japanese culture. It is the perfect gift for any occasion.


To get your women's kimono, you have several options:

  • Go directly to a specialized store to buy it. Isn't it your dream to travel to Japan? To wander in the streets of Tokyo, to make your purchases of Japanese collectibles! You will be able to bring back your favorite women's kimonos as a bonus! Enjoy visiting Japan, visiting Tokyo and other provinces to experience the Japanese culture and your passion.
  • But the prospect of the big trip is still far away, you can already make the tour of specialized stores for Japanese objects and souvenirs. There are good addresses hidden everywhere in France. An opportunity to enlarge your circle of acquaintances. It is always good to make new friends.
  • Order your kimono online directly from Japanese websites. But there are also very good French websites which propose kimonos for women. All the models are visible on the online catalogs, you pay and receive your package without moving. You simply make yourself happy!
  • The DIY Kimono. An option naturally reserved for the most ambitious. Fortunately, tutorials abound on the subject. It's up to you whether you prefer text or video tutorials. The video version has the advantage of being easier to grasp and follow as the gestures are performed before your eyes. With the text version, you can download the pattern of the kimono you want to make.

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